Lowney Architecture

enhancing neighborhoods

41st Street Townhomes

Located in the Longfellow neighborhood at Oakland’s border with Emeryville, the 41st Street Townhomes will replace industrial buildings. Lowney Architecture designed this 91,000 square–foot project – comprising of 44 three- and four-bedroom townhomes – as a modern addition to the neighborhood.

The site plan features pedestrian-friendly elements: open space at ground level covers more than half of the total site area. The townhomes cluster into five detached wood-framed buildings ranging from three to four stories each, which step across the site around an interior parking court. Each townhome also contains a dedicated single-car garage and exterior terrace. Buildings along the street step back from the sidewalk edge to accommodate planted areas. Exterior space for the buildings expands to include a ground level garden dedicated to each unit in the rear.

The driveway, gardens and planting area serve to retain and infiltrate the site stormwater, mitigating and improving the past industrial use.