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Lowney Architecture Oakland Office

Lowney Architecture Oakland Office

Lowney Architecture Oakland office

Oakland Office

The Lowney Architecture Oakland office has in recent years, gone through a period of expansion. We spent the latter part of 2015 designing our new Oakland office on the third floor of 360 17th Street, just a staircase away from our old office. After months of making phone calls through loud construction noise from above, we finally we moved in to the new office in March 2016.

The new office is naturally lit from end to end with skylights and large windows that provide views out to the beautiful streets of Downtown Oakland. The entire office is 5,400 square feet, comfortably accomodating to our midsize team of 30. Adjacent to our prefabricated reception area is a cozy lounge, always open to clients or employees who want to catch the Warriors game after work. Our small and large conference rooms stay visually connected to the public areas through adjustable glass walls, and on the other side of the office, the studio is always buzzing with activity.

Our talented designers carried out the office renovation, just one of the services we offer here at our Oakland office. Check out one of our other renovation projects, The Pruneyard.

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