Lowney Architecture

addressing housing needs with innovation

addressing housing needs with innovation


Lowney Architecture partnered with Patrick Kennedy at Panoramic Interests to design the MicroPAD (Prefabricated Affordable Dwelling). As a new approach to address the growing number of homeless people in the Bay Area, the MicroPad provides a way to build high-quality housing quickly and economically. Each module is constructed in a factory, shipped to the site, and assembled into a multi-story building within days. This process allows the quality of construction to be checked in a controlled environment, reduces the construction impact on the surrounding area, and most importantly, shortens the project schedule.

The steel modules are designed to provide all living amenities within a compact footprint of 160 square feet. The units include a sleeping/living area, bathroom and kitchenette. Every opportunity to take advantage of the space is used in the design, including finding creative ways to add storage with hooks, shelves and cabinets. A large window and high-quality interior finishes make the unit functional and pleasant, and give residents a place to call home.  

Images courtesy of Panoramic Interests