November 8, 2021

Grant Chang Named Small Business Leader of the Year by PBN News

Congratulations to our Hawaiian Director of Architecture, Grant Chang, for his recognition as a Small Business Leader of the Year by Pacific Business News! This honor is a testament of the dedication and commitment Grant brings every day to elevate our firm, the community, and the practice of design. We’re proud to have such an inspirational leader paving the way for Hawaii’s built environment.


Originally posted by PBN News – Grant’s Profile:

Grant Chang, director of architecture, Lowney Architecture
Among his major accomplishments for the firm, Chang is steering a team that will bring more than 3,000 affordable housing units to Hawaii over the next decade. He is a 10-year member of American Institute of Architects and actively involved in the Honolulu Chapter’s Housing Committee and on Make-A-Wish Hawaii’s Young Leaders board.

What was the biggest professional risk you ever took and what was the result?
In 2016, I left a job I loved in San Francisco to move back to Hawaii for a job opportunity. I enjoyed the work I was doing, but as a local boy, my goal was always to come back home to help shape the built environment and make an impact for my community. Unfortunately, the job was a complete miss, and I left after two months. But taking that risk got me back to Hawaii and has opened many doors for me that, otherwise, wouldn’t have been available had I not come back.

What does leadership and being a leader mean to you?
For me, being a leader is about communication and being open to new ideas. It’s about surrounding yourself with smart people and supporting them to succeed and do the best job they can.

How would you change or improve the state of Hawaii?
Housing is a basic, core need, and providing more affordable housing options for kamaaina would be a huge improvement for the State. Uncovering solutions for better livability is always at the forefront for Lowney Architecture, and we are constantly looking at how to create more affordable and supportive options for our community. We’re involved on several innovative projects with Hawaii Public Housing Authority and look forward to bringing more critically needed resources to help alleviate our local housing shortage.




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