Bella Creek
Rohnert Park, CA

Originally designed as a student housing project for Sonoma State University, Bella Creek is a combination of five buildings, offering a total of 92 residential units. Addressing the urgent need for housing, a portion of these units were specifically designated as affordable housing, ensuring greater accessibility for low-income individuals. Moreover, the project made effective use of the Density Bonus law, enabling the construction of an increased number of student housing units on the site. Bella Creek stands as a testament to our commitment to providing much-needed housing solutions while adhering to regulations that promote inclusivity and efficient land utilization.

Nestled adjacent to City Hall, with the picturesque Copeland Creek Trail as its backdrop, this exceptional project boasts a prime location. Situated on the opposite side lies the bustling Highway 101, ensuring heightened visibility amidst the constant flow of traffic. Given its prominent position in a high-traffic area, it was essential to select striking exterior finishes that make a lasting impression.

Preserving the pedestrian connections between the trail, residences, and the existing neighborhood was of utmost importance. Balancing this connectivity while ensuring the privacy and security of the residents required thoughtful planning and meticulous design considerations. Additionally, the presence of lower-density residences across the street to the South necessitated the incorporation of lower-height buildings closer to Avram, gradually stepping up to four stories as the project extends towards the enchanting Creek Trail. By carefully navigating these unique spatial dynamics, we have created a harmonious living environment that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. The result is a captivating fusion of form and function, where residents can enjoy the beauty of the trail, maintain vital connections with the community, and relish a sense of privacy and tranquility within their homes.

With options from studios to 3-bedrooms, the apartments are fully fitted with premium amenities such as brand new appliances, in-unit washers and dryers, spacious closets, and ample natural lighting. With one parking space per unit, the complex fits in with the density of the neighborhood, and also mirrors the townhouse style developments nearby. Shared community amenities include public working spaces, a community room, a pool and hot tub, and a yoga and fitness room.

92 units
120,000 sf

Communal working space
Pool and hot tub
Yoga space
Fitness room
In-unit washers and dryers

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Bella Creek-Rohnert Park, CA-Lowney Architecture-2
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Bella Creek-Rohnert Park, CA-Lowney Architecture-4

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